Our Association

Councilors Association

  • To monitor, maintain, set and improve professional standards in counsellor education and practice
  • To provide an industry-based association for persons engaged in counsellor education and practice
  • To be a self-regulatory body to provide for registration of counsellors in Pakistan
  • To provide a single unified voice for the counselling industry
  • To provide a consistent Code of Conduct and set of Practitioner Standards
  • To promote the professional development and growth of practicing counsellors
  • To provide a National Complaints Tribunal
  • To assess, review and recognise counsellor education courses
  • To maintain a register of qualified practicing counsellors
  • To identify to consumers, counsellors that meet nationally-approved standards of practice
  • To help the public at large to become more aware of the counselling profession and the availability of reputable counsellors
  • To raise awareness of Pakistan counsellors Internationally
  • To provide a vehicle to promote research in the counselling profession
  • To help create employment for counsellors; and
  • To provide a quality control mechanism for the public that also enables the consumer to access a formal complaints procedure.
  • Promote effective counselling services
  • Assist clients to obtain services adequate to their needs
  • Develop common policies on counselling issues and transmit comment on these issues to the public, to the government and to other appropriate authorities
  • Ensure the establishment, maintenance and enhancement of professional standards
  • Promote satisfactory conditions of employment for counsellors
  • Protect the interests and public standing of counselling personnel
  • Provide a forum for members to discuss matters of common concern
  • Promote quality training, supervision and professional development
  • Publish such journals, monographs and other publications as the National Executive shall from time to time decide
  • Affiliate with national and international organizations of counselling

As leaders in guidance and career education in Pakistan, we provide-this resource for Teacher/Counsellors, Students, Parents and the community. You will find easy access to job search information, career development resources, Ministry policy documents, and resources to assist students with their social/emotional needs. We hope that you find what you need and if you don’t, let us know so we can add new resources.

Mission Statement

Eclat provides leadership and support in Guidance and Career Education for Guidance Teacher-Counsellors and students.

Statement of Principles

Éclat Association will:

  • Be a proactive professional organization
  • Advocate for guidance and career education
  • Represent its members
  • Promote exemplary guidance and career education practices
  • Build strong relationships
  • Provide professional resources and training
  • Provide leadership in guidance issues and trends
  • We are a nationwide federation of State based Éclat who join together to promote and maintain professional standards of quality counselling across Pakistan.
  • Conforms to the standards of training and supervised experience and ethical standards required by Pakistan.
  • Also demands theological training to enable the counsellor to address spiritual and faith

    issues as part of the counselling process.

  • To promote fair credit practice within Pakistan