AustraliaAustralia, the world’s smallest continent as well as the world’s largest island, the name is derived from the Latin AUSTRALIS, means southern, legends of an “unknown land of the south.
Australia is often referred to as the “lucky country” with pulsating economy, political stability and a quality of life envied by many. Australia is known around the world for its stunning landscapes.
A great country to live in and do business, Australia has an enviable reputation as it offers premium standard of living. The aspirants can immigrate to Australia under the following programs: –

Study VisaStudy visa

It is a place where students can realize their potential in ways that they planned and perhaps in ways that they never imagined.
Australia is a dynamic, vibrant country. Its people are energetic, friendly and confident. When you study in Australia, you discover fresh challenges and develop skills in a supportive learning environment.   more

visit visaVisitvisa

For people to visit Australia for a holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends or for other short-term non-work purposes.If you are hoping to go to Australia for a holiday then you will require an Australian tourist visa.Any person going to Australia for any period of time requires a visa.This type of visa is valid for 12months from the date it is granted and allows multiple entriesYou can only stay in Australia for a maximum period of 3months (90 days) at any one time within the 12months your visa is valid until.   more

FAMILY visaFamily visa

Family Migration is for those who may be lucky enough to qualify for Family Migration through close kinship ties with an Australian, an Australian permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen living in Australia. Or you may be married or engaged to one.If you qualify, and if needed, that person may have to arrange for you to be supported for two years, so you will need to be on good terms with them.   more

Fact Sheet !
Country Australia
Capital Canberra
Area comparative Similar to that of Pakistan
Population 21,262,641 (July 2009 est.)
Population growth rate 1.195%
Net migration Rate 6.23 migrant(s)/1,000 population
Government Type democratic,federal-state system recognizing the British monarch as sovereign
GDP- per capita purchasing power parity – $38,100
GDP- Real growth rate 2.2%
Employment rate 95.5%
Currency Australian dollar (AUD)