Europe Study Visa

Europe Study VisaApplying for an European student visa allows a foreign national the opportunity to immigrate to Europe on a temporary basis in order to undertake a course of study in the European countries.
Studying in Europe is an increasingly popular option for undergraduates across the world; Europe offers a long history of excellence in learning with a big number of universities, institutes of technology and a host of other educational establishments.
Immigration to Europe has grown significantly in recent years due in part to a comparatively liberal immigration policy coupled with the high quality of life which can be obtained in the country.
As a specialist immigration consultancy, Eclat-International visas can help you to assess your eligibility and embark upon the most appropriate method of immigrating to Europe.
Visas of any type can be obtained from a short-term European tourist visa to long-term work and business visa services and our immigration consultants can provide immigration lawyer expertise throughout your move.
Visa applications will be managed and monitored at every stage and a Eclat-International visas migration consultant will be able to advise you from your initial application through to our range of on arrival services.

apply for european study visaAPPLYING FOR A STUDY VISA

Details of study visa requirements are attached.The key elements for success in applying for a study visa for Europe are:

  • Make sure all documentation required is in order and complete.
  • Age. Student applying for a foundation course should ideally be in the age range 17 – 22 i.e. recently completed high school education.
  • Evidence Of Course

The college should provide an original letter,indicating that the person has been accepted on a full-time course of education (specify subject) entailing 15 hours or more study in a privately funded course. Provisional letters offering a place are not acceptable Final offer letter from College (this will be issued once fees have been paid in compliance with European Government visa regulations).

study planStudy Plan

Student should present a logical study plan,e.g. English language – Foundation Programme (Business) – Degree in Information Technology – Job in I.T. Sector in home country.**Visa success rates for students apply for a 2-4 year programme of studies are much higher than for students applying for an English Language course only****


:Evidence must be supplied that the course fees have been paid in full. However while this is desirable, it is not expected that an applicant pay more than € 6,500 prior to visa approval. Evidence of payment may be incorporated into the above evidence of course letter which should include accommodation, fees and other relevant charges

Private Medical InsurancePrivate Medical Insurance

Every student should have full private medical insurance. Evidence of such insurance cover will be taken to be the Letter of Acceptance provided by the host school, college, university or other educational institution.
This Letter of Acceptance will contain details of the insurance cover taken out on behalf of each student by the host school, college, university or other educational institution on behalf of the student. taken to be a Certificate of Private Insurance taken out by the student in his or her own country prior to travel.
Persons attending a course of study of a least one academic year in duration are entitled to public health services in Europe under the terms of Department of Health guidelines on ordinary residence

cvCurriculum Vitae

The applicant MUST include a brief CV giving all details of educational and employment history from the time he left school to the present. It is important to account for all time between leaving school and present, therefore exact dates should be given for educational courses undertaken, jobs held, periods of unemployment etc. A sample CV is attached at the back of this document

Educational QualificationEducational Qualifications

Originals of the following educational qualifications achieved to date must be submitted. 12 Result Sheet
Where the applicant holds third level qualifications:

  1. Degree/Diploma Certificate OR Provisional certificate if the original is not available
  2. FINAL year result sheet only

Please do not submit any additional documents. If thePlease do not submit any additional documents.If the visa officer requires further documents in order to make a decision, they will be requested

visa benefitsVisa Benefits

In Europe, study visas allow their holders to live and work in Europe for as long as they need to complete their course.
In Europe, visas of this kind are issued as either a “C visa” for those applicants whose courses will last less than three months or “D visas” for those who wish to study in Europe for longer than three months.
Whilst in Europe, study visa status is not in its own right a route to permanent settlement in Europe, the Graduate Programme will in some circumstance enable students to switch to an European work visa.
This may, in time, lead to the opportunity to apply for permanent residence and naturalisation as an European citizen.
Europe also permits foreign nationals studying in the country to undertake a limited amount of work in order to help support themselves and any dependents.

Visa Eligibility Visa Eligibility

In Europe, immigration for candidates wishing to apply for an European student visa requires that the following criteria be met.

  • A letter of acceptance must be provided demonstrating that an applicant has been offered a place on a full time course of study at a recognised Irish educational institution. The course must involve at least fifteen hours of study per week.
  • Candidates must be able to demonstrate evidence of enough funds to support themselves and any dependents joining them in the country.
  • It must be shown that the course fees have been paid in full.
  • Private medical insurance must be arranged and documentary evidence of this must be provided.
  • It must be the candidate’s demonstrable intention to return to their own country at the end of their period of study.

In addition, although English is described in the European constitution as the second official language, the first being European Gaelic, it is nonetheless spoken far more widely and is the primary language in which tuition will be given. As a result, candidates applying for an European study visa must be able to show proficiency in the English language to a sufficient degree to allow them to successfully pursue the course.

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